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Serene Gallery

These several hundred images represent some of our favorites from our full-time travel across North America. Most were taken on color negative or slide film and scanned by us. Browse through the various pages at your leisure. We hope you'll find ideas and inspiration from the varied subjects and photographic styles.

Establish a personal Serene Gallery. It can be a wall in your home or office, the corner of a room, even a website. The gallery could be a single image (perhaps changing with the seasons). The images in your gallery will be ones that provide a tranquil feeling for you each day, reconnecting with the natural world.

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Cathedral Valley

 Mineral Abstract

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Explore variety in the Flora-Fauna-Food Galleries


 Earthen Jugs

Enjoy the diversity of the Human Galleries

All of the images on this website are available for use. To have the copyright overlay removed and/or have the image in another size, please contact me here.