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Find the Natural World by Camping

Isolated from the wide variety of nature by living in cities, suburbia, or "tended" rural areas, we can discover our roots by spending time where our ancestors lived—in the wild. Most of human existence on this planet has been spent in the wild. We evolved there. Our instincts and inclinations developed there. Every major religion has its prophets and leaders spending time in the wilderness BEFORE starting to preach. There is a lot to learn from these experiences. Modern camping is easy. There are basically two modes you can use:

· Tent—transport by foot, car, boat, or bike to the best spot for your natural experience.
· Recreational Vehicle (RV)—drive a motorhome, tow a trailer or fifth-wheel.

After thirty years of camping (ten of which were full-time), we suggest that if you want to find the natural world, try the first alternative. Tent camping is inexpensive, has low maintenance, and allows time to adapt to natural rhythms. RVs limit their owners to more-developed areas and tempt them to act as if they're living in an apartment. Many a beautiful sunset or incredible wildlife sighting has been missed because "campers" were watching TVs in their rigs. Even if you decide on an energy-wasting RV, consider packing along a tent so you can escape occasionally from the established campgrounds.


Beautiful Spots for the Night


Mendocino Meadow

Eastern Oregon

Summer Solstice in Wyoming


Big Bend NP, Texas

Yoho NP, British Columbia

Idaho Wildflowers


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