Live Simply With Style
Favorite Resources
Here are some of the influential works that helped us on life's journey. A few of these selected resources may help you achieve or enrich a simple lifestyle. Included are links to specific sites or to for book ordering.
Home & Garden
The Global Art Project is an excellent way to share your vision of global unity and peace. This grass-roots project is the brainchild of Tucson artist Katherine Josten and has involved people on all seven continents. Go to the site for more info.
The Global Art Project
For your personal "art" development, we can think of no more creative resource than Nick Kelsh's books. Take a step beyond the "snapshot" and learn how to make memorable images.
Nick Kelsh How to Photograph Your Baby
Anne Schaef takes a different direction in the exploration of how humans fall into non-rewarding, yet compelling behaviors. Her When Society Becomes An Addict provided lots of "ahas" for us.

Anne Wilson Schaef When Society Becomes An Addict

For a headier trip into ideas that matter, grab a copy of Joseph Campbell's classic, The Power of Myth. To purchase, click on the image to the right.

Joseph Campbell The Power of Myth

Naomi Klein reveals the real story behind the headlines and press releases. It may open your eyes and mind to what's behind the news.

Shock Doctrine: Diaster Capitalism

What was the model for the United States system of government? Find the answer as well as hundreds of other "I didn't know that" facts in Jack Weatherford's book.
Jack Weatherford Indian Givers
One of the most important books you can read if financial independence is your goal.
Here's our candidate as the best resource book on investing. Andrew Tobias not only writes clearly but with great humor -- when's the last time you chuckled as you tried to understand economic jargon?
Andrew Tobias The Only Investment Guide You'll Ever Need
Prompted by a high cholesterol reading (and a few extra pounds), Mara faced the prospect of expensive drugs or rethinking her diet. She chose the more natural alternative and the results have been dramatic. Cholesterol is now in the "super healthy" range and the weight has dropped also. Here's the book she used.
Eades Protein Power
Thank you Robert Atkins for sticking to your guns all those years that the "establishment" ridiculed your ideas. For many adults, his plan offers a wonderful way to regain a healthy body.
Dr Atkins' New Diet Revolution
Here's one cookbook we use extensively in adapting our diets to the high protein, low carbohydrate style. Fran writes well and the recipes are delicious.
Fran McCullough Low Carb Cookbook
Dana Carpenter's cookbook contains a wealth of low carb recipes including breads and crackers!
Dana Carpender 500 Low-Carb Recipes
The MacArthur Foundation study broke new ground as it focused on what made for successful aging. We tried to follow a similar thrust in our own 101 Secrets for a Great Retirement. After all, everyone ages and anyone can retire -- the key is to make those experiences the best.
Successful Aging
Here's a slightly different approach to facing your future. We find Deepak's messages an excellent foil to the normal advice-givers. Besides, you might become calmer and feel better.
Deepak Chopra Ageless Body Timeless Mind
As part of the uninsured masses, years ago we confronted the notion that we care more about our bodies than does the medical establishment. When you're ready to take responsibility for your own health, Andrew Weil will provide many excellent ideas on what to do.
Andrew Weil 8 Weeks to Optimum Health
Sarah Susanka actually dares to help you create a house to fit your lifestyle rather than going for the bigger-is-better approach that has been the norm.
Sarah Susanka Not So Big House
For thirty years, this book (revised along the way) has encouraged millions to celebrate the joy of sex. And, when one considers that the most sexually liberated societies are the least violent, we can only hope the movement will spread.
The New Joy of Sex and More Joy of Sex
The title says it all. Follow Barry's advice and you will have a more satisfying life.
Barry Kaufman Happiness Is A Choice
Once a week, the folks at Travelzoo comb the web for the twenty best deals and send them to you via e-mail. It's a terrific way to let your mind roam the world, and you might find an opportunity you can't pass up.

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